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50cm Meteor Lights

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50cm Meteor Lights

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Our 50cm Meteor lights are different from other snowfall lights because we offer a distance of 8' between lights not 3' like many others. Use Meteor Light extensions for those super big gaps between branches or skylines. Our Meteor Lights have built in electronics provide random patterns that fire off at different times not all at once, like some others do. Meteor Lights are all interchangeable so you can attach them in any order, and add up to 20 light tubes depending on lengths using one transformer.


Tube length: 19.7” inch length.  (50cm)
LED's: 64 leds.Doublesided.
 2 Cables both 4' feet in length
Color of cable : Green
Connection: End to end
Waterproof : Yes IP65



Our animated 50cm LED Meteor lights/Meteor tubes/Snowfall lights are waterproof (IP65 rating) Meteor Lights come in different lengths: 30cm, 50cm, 80cm /p> Meteor Lights are are double sided. LED Snowfall lights are durable.

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