Why You Should Be Using String Lights

String lights, when used correctly, can turn something plain into a beautiful work of art. Any event that needs a bit of a kick can probably benefit from using string lights. Best of all, these lights are incredibly affordable, quite gorgeous, and are pretty easy to set up.(How to Install Commercial patio light strings) click link for step by step instructions .


Using Party Lights to Liven Up Your Reception

Sometimes the weather just doesn’t agree with your wedding day. Rain, fog, wind, and even too much sunshine can make it impossible to host something outside, especially a reception that will include delicious food and a stunning cake. But don’t let the weather ruin your special day. Many party string lights complement indoor décor, and can make your home or rental space into something quite classy with just a few seconds of work. You can lace these string, or globe lights around tables or indoor decorations like plastic trees and picture frames is a great way to start. Once you’ve made sure your lights are safe for indoor use, you can even wrap them around decorations on your wall or light a pathway with them.


But sometimes the weather will work out, and you can plan a lovely outdoor event, such as a wedding or birthday party--even as informal as just having friends over for drinks. It’s not difficult to pull off amazing looking backyard lighting. In fact, we wrote a guide on how to set up backyard lighting for your next event--check it out below. Putting a few lines of string lights up, connecting them from your house to a nearby tree and back again, is an easy way to turn a plain setting into something magical.


Outdoor String Lights Can Make A Good Summer Great

Do you love the smell of potato salad, freshly cut grass, and hotdogs grilling on a charcoal barbecue? It’s likely a scent you’re familiar with on warm summer nights. Throwing a barbecue in your backyard can be a great way to bring together friends and family to bond over delicious food and interesting conversation. However, lighting can always be a problem, especially as the sun goes down. Outdoor string lights can solve this problem entirely. A simple threading of some larger outdoor string lights through your patio cover can bring more light than some Tiki torches alone, and it can contribute to a nice atmosphere for all to enjoy. If you don’t have a covered patio, erecting simple wooden pegs in the area is another way to make these lights work.


As you can see, string lightsare great for indoor and outdoor use, and the way they can be used to fix up any event or occasion is almost endless. From DIY projects to store bought, string lights are an effective way to light any venue, indoors or outdoors.