Led christmas lights save money

Why LED lights are the superior choice.

A Cost and Energy-Savings Comparison Between LED Christmas Lights and Traditional Incandescent Bulbs

Ah, Christmas! The hanging of the stockings! The wrapping of the presents! The arrival of the post-holiday electric bill! If you're like Ralphie's dad in "A Christmas Story," still struggling along with your outdated incandescent holiday bulbs, this might be the year to leap into the 21st century and deck the halls with LED Christmas lights.

Cost to Operate:

In 2008, the California Energy Commission (CEC) reported on the cost savings that can be realized during a typical holiday season by switching from traditional incandescent Christmas lights to LED Christmas lights for outdoor holiday lighting. Their comparison involved use of 600 lights, burning six hours a day, over a period of 30 days. Using the U.S. average cost per kilowatt hour of 12 cents, traditional incandescent Christmas lights cost $64.80, incandescent mini-lights ran up a cost of $5.51 and LED Christmas lights cost a mere $1.09 to run during the holiday season.


As if the cost savings of operating LED Christmas lights weren't enough of a plus, Consumer Reports rated the durability of LED Christmas lights back in 2007 and reported that LED Christmas lights were still working fine after 4,000+ hours of use while each string of incandescent lights tested suffered one or more burnt out bulbs at less than half that time. Since LED Christmas lights also run cooler there's less of a fire risk than operating traditional incandescent Christmas bulbs.

Initial Cost:

Both the CEC and Consumer Reports acknowledged that the initial cost of LED Christmas lights can be higher than with incandescent lights, with LED Christmas lights having an initial cost of approximately $1-1.20 per foot versus the cost of incandescent lights which was approximately 40-45 cents per foot.